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My work

Web & App Design


Smartnumbers Protect

Web App

I designed the Smartnumbers Protect Fraud Investigation tool, which allows fraud agents to identify suspicious calls by tracking fraudster behaviour across organisations. Agents can investigate fraudster behaviour at scale to detect fraud at the very first sign


Smartnumbers Hub

Web App

I designed the Smartnumbers Hub platform which combined Smartnumbers' comprehensive set of apps and features into a single, easy-to-use platform.



Mobile Game App (COMING SOON!)

I am currently working on Oddle with a developer friend in my spare time, designing the app, brand identity and various levels. Oddle is the ultimate spot-the-difference app game that will challenge your visual acuity! Players navigate through grids filled with icons or characters, where their task is to identify the one that stands out from the rest.


Smartnumbers Mobile

Mobile App

I re-designed Smartnumbers' cloud-based app which gives a business' workforce the flexibility to handle their personal and business phone numbers and contacts conveniently from a single device, eliminating the need for multiple SIM cards or devices.



Mobile App & Responsive Website

I designed the brand identity, mobile app and website for Vyer, a sports club session booking app designed to streamline the process of booking and managing sports sessions at your local club. The MVP was aimed at badminton clubs, with the goal to expand into other sports over time.


Go2 Travel Insurance

Responsive Website

The challenge was to simplify the previously complicated and lengthy travel insurance purchase to get it in line with competitor sites, and ensure a mobile-friendly experience. Unfortunately the site didn't get off the ground due to the pandemic.


Days Out With Kids - Attractions Finder

Mobile App

Mobile app version of the website. Users can search for days out ideas from over 4000 attractions across the UK. Features a user login, ability to add favourite attractions, rate/review attractions and add your own attraction photos. The app was designed for both iOS and Android devices.


Days Out With Kids

Desktop Website

Days Out With Kids (now Picniq) is one of the UK's fastest growing attraction websites. I was responsible for the overall company rebrand as well as wireframes and designs for all of their online and offline entities. This includes all design from character illustrations and animations to Google ads and social media campaigns. The success of the campaigns has helped them achieve a facebook fanbase of over 650,000 likes. I also designed their successful ticket sales platform and loyalty card scheme.


O2 Academy

Mobile App

I lead the concept and design pitch to O2 for an event app while at Velti Mobile Marketing agency. We won the pitch. I was involved with wireframing and shared design responsibilities with another designer in my team. The app is designed for both iOS and Android devices. The app allows users to find events, book tickets, pre-book drinks and see who else is attending the event.


Walker's Crisps - Gary's Great Ingredient Hunt

Responsive Promotional 

This was a promotional competition for Walker's Crisps.


Gary Lineker had lost his Walkers ingredients in different places around the UK and republic of Ireland, and he needed the user's help to find them. Users could simply purchase a pack of Walkers crisps, sign in on the site and enter the code from inside the pack to play the game. It was a massive project involving unique asset production for every county in the UK and ROI, as well as unique prize assets. I am particularly proud of the design on this project due to the scale and complexity of it. Over 100 unique counties!


Famous Faces

Mobile Game App

This was a puzzle gaming app I designed for iPhone and iPad. The game features over 600 different puzzles across 5 categories. Players gain credits by completing the puzzles, allowing them to unlock more levels and more famous face puzzles. If players get stuck, players can purchase hints using their credits.


Virgin Atlantic

Mobile App (Concept)

The concept was for a mobile app to compete with apps such as Easy Jet and British Airways.


The central theme was an interactive spinning globe around which users could track flights in real-time, book flights on the go, view destination information, as well as receive a personalised countdown feature from the purchase of their ticket right up to the minute of their flight. Other features on the app would include a check-in feature, destination weather reports and social feeds.


​Activision - Skylanders Swap Force

Mobile App (Concept)

An app to help generate interest in their latest range of Skylanders toys: Skylanders Swap Force, to generate more toy sales.

Children can view their collected Skylander toys and compare their stats with friends, while allowing parents administrator abilities to monitor their child’s collection. Another feature for parents is the ability to reward their child for good work/behaviour by gifting a toy. Other features include an AR function for children to “spot” Skylander toys in store. They would then be awarded “Spotter Badges” which would show on their stats for them to compare with their friends.

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